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The Stroipanorama company offers the cooperation the increase in sales of the goods offered by you and services becomes which purpose

The basic directions of the company - creation design of projects of internal interiors and carrying out building-painting and decorating.

By working out design of projects and carrying out building-painting and decorating those goods and services about which the company has the fullest information more often are offered.

But also Customers, architects and builders the goods and the services offered by your company interest. And if you are interested in increase in sales then we offer you more operative and qualitative scheme of work :

  • the information on the goods and services which will be used in the project, the Customer will receive through the Internet. The architect suggests the Customer to come on a site www.stroipanorama.ru into section «company Partners» and to pass on active references to a site of that company, the goods and which services are offered in the project.

Placing of a banner and the information on your company + catalogues will make cooperation between us mutually advantageous.

Example of placing of the information about паронере in section «company Partners»:

http://stroipanorama.ru/sotrud/first/image001.jpg "Stroipanorama" Ltd
address: Moscow,
phone: 8(495) 740-81-04; 8(495) 776-20-56
e-mail: info@stroipanorama.ru http://www.stroipanorama.ru
the manager of the project: Bichkov Nikita

On questions interesting you can receive the additional information by phones in Moscow:

8(495) 740-81-04

manager of the project - Bichkov Nikita 

e-mail: info@stroipanorama.ru

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